Outline for a GLOBEC Workshop on Establishing an LTER (Long-Term Ecosystem Research) Program on Georges Bank

Workshop Steering Committee

Lew Incze, Chair

Peter Wiebe

Peter Smith

David Mountain

Proposed Time: Fall 2000

1 ½ days

Location: TBD

Topics to be addressed (DRAFT):

  1. What are the research questions that can realistically be addressed by an LTER?

    A strawman proposal will be prepared in advance to facilitate discussion

    Drafting Committee:

    Charlie Miller

    David Mountain

    David Townsend

    Lew Incze

    Peter Wiebe

    Peter Smith

    Greg Lough

    Ken Frank

    Mike Fogarty

  2. Georges Bank LTER Science Office -- an option

    Cost and operational scenario, discussion to be led by R. Groman & P. Wiebe

  3. Dartmouth Assimilative model – Dan Lynch

    Status and application within an LTER

  4. Existing Programs – Mike Fogarty

    NMFS operations and possible modifications from GLOBEC


    Canadian DFO programs

    USGS, and others

  5. Bringing the pieces together: Augmentations to existing programs and the unique contributions of an LTER

    Workshop discussion to be led by R. Beardsley.

  6. Closing Recommendations

Possible structure and funding for an LTER

Next steps