Broad-Scale Data Coordination Workshop Panning Meeting

A meeting to begin planning for the Broad Scale Data Coordination workshop was held in Woods Hole on April 7, 2000. Attending were David Mountain, Ted Durbin, Mike Sieracki, Greg Lough, Cisco Werner and John Quinlan. Mountain, Durbin and Sieracki are the coordinators for the workshop.

The purpose of the workshop, as identified after the Ocean Sciences meeting last January was felt to be appropriate and the discussion focused on how to arrange and structure the workshop to accomplish it. A number of issues were identified

1. An inventory of relevant, available data sets should be compiled before the workshop.

2. The scientific questions PI's expect to address using the Broad Scale data sets should be discussed at the beginning of the workshop, to get a sense of the expectations PI's have and to identify any specific issues that need to be addressed in the rest of the workshop.

3. Many of the anticipated analyses will use the GLOBEC models as a framework. It was discussed that the Bank150 grid (the grid that encompasses approximately the 150 m isobath around the Bank) covers too small an area to be useful for most of those analyses. A new, wider area grid may need to be developed for the analysis of the Broad Scale data sets.

4. To bring the various data sets together, the database tools being developed by GLOBEC/JGOFS and by DODS may be of great value. It would be useful to get an update at the workshop of the status of those tools.

It was agreed that the workshop would be for two days (perhaps a day and a half), and mid-week during mid-July was targeted as the best time. A draft agenda (or list of primary topics) was developed and will be sent out to ggball to get solicit recommendations/suggestions for the workshop and to get an indication of who would plan to attend.

Contributed by: David Mountain
April 28, 2000