A Kriging Workshop
March 6 - 7, 2000

Organizers: C. Ashjian J. Ledwell, D. Chu


This will be a 1-2 day workshop during which participants will be introduced to the method of kriging, proper use of kriging with different data types, and how to apply this method to your data using the Easy_Krig Software package developed by Dezhang Chu (WHOI). The workshop will be held on March 6 & 7, 2000, at WHOI. The introductory material and the hands-on tutorial in Easy_Krig will be presented on March 6, with time allocated during the afternoon for supervised application of Easy_Krig to your own data sets. We have reserved the computer lab for March 7 as well to permit further work with Easy_Krig if participants desire. However, our plan is to complete the formal instructional portion of the workshop on March 6.

Probable Workshop schedule:

09:00: Introduction to kriging: Andy Solow

Proper application of kriging to oceanographic data: Jim Ledwell, Chris Naimie, others?

Morning Coffee Break

Hands-on Tutorial with sample data sets: Dezhang Chu

Lunch: At the Buttery

Application of kriging to your own data sets – supervised by D. Chu, J. Ledwell, C. Naimie, A. Solow

Afternoon Coffee Break

Final Discussion and Questions

Workshop Location:

The workshop will be held in the Group Training Facility (GTF) which is located on the first floor of the Clark Building (Clark 141), Quisset Campus, WHOI (go down the stairs, take your first left past the vending machines, GTF is located a few doors down the hall on your left). This facility is equipped with 12 individual personal computers and an instructor computer with high quality projection of the instructors desktop to a screen. The room also can accomodate additional chairs for people wishing to attend only the lecture portions of the workshop and 3 long tables at which individual laptop computers may be utilized.

Workshop Registration:

Please let us know if you will be attending the workshop as soon as you can. As mentioned above, there are 12 personal computers in the laboratory. Use of individual laptops should increase the number of participants enjoying “hands-on” experience. We also may have to share personal computers, if necessary. Send your information to


You will be notified by e-mail that we have received your registration (see below for questionnaire).

Hotel Accomodations:

Anyone desiring hotel accomodations should notify us as soon as possible. We will furnish you with the name and phone number of a local hotel that will offer a special reduced rate to workshop participants Because most respondants are fairly local, we have not reserved a block of rooms.


The computer lab can be furnished with up to 6 Macintosh computers with the balance being PCs. Please specify which type of platform you prefer so that we can have the lab set up accordingly. Easy_Krig will be pre-installed on each of the computers used in the workshop.

Bringing your own Data Sets:

All computers are equipped with disk drives. For very large files, you can access your files via ftp from the lab or you can ftp them to the GLOBEC site here at WHOI to pick them up over the network once you are in the lab. Bob Groman has set up a sudirectory the anonymous ftp site on globec.whoi.edu called: /pub/incoming/workshop. Please ftp your files to that location before coming to the workship. Contact Bob (rgroman@whoi.edu) if you have problems. The default file format for Easy_Krig is three-column ASCII, with first two columns are the coordinates and the third column is the value, such as temperature, salinity, zooplankton abundance, etc. However, if you have difficulties in creating the data files with the required format for Easy_Krig, we can help you to do so during the workshop as long as your data files are in ASCII.

Bringing your own Computer:

As mentioned above, there are several tables which can be utilized by those of you preferring to use your own laptop computers. Because of space limitations, we cannot accommodate desktop computers. We also cannot offer network connections to laptops. Please make sure that Matlab and Easy_Krig are installed on your laptop prior to bringing it to the workshop.

Registration Questionnaire:

In order to properly plan the workshop and set up the lab, we would appreciate receiving the following information from everyone wishing to participate.


Date(s) Attending

Preferred Type of Computer

Will you be attending the entire workshop or only the lectures?

Are you bringing your own laptop?

Will you need to ftp data to WHOI?

Do you need Hotel Accomodations?

Comments or suggestions?

14 February 2000