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Figure 7 (no image yet). Acoustic data collected in Georges Basin showing the anomalous values which occur near BIOMAPER II when it is being towyoed.

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Figure 10 (no image yet). Bio-optical and hydrographic data obtained from sensors deployed on BIOMAPER II during three towyo sections across Wilkinson Basin on 13-15 October 1997. a) temperature, b) salinity, c) chlorophyll fluorescence, d) beam attenuation coefficient for particles (cp), e) absorption coefficient for particles (ap), f) absorption coefficient for soluble material (as). Absorption and attenuation coefficients have been corrected for instrumental temperature dependence in the ac-9's and for differences in temperature and salinity from the calibration water. Preliminary corrections for residual scattering effects on absorption estimates have also been applied. The distributions presented here have not been completely corrected for the time lag in as measurements (due to slower flow caused by the in-line particle filter); some distortions are evident particularly during the third transect (when the filter throughput was decreasing).