Data example (continued)

Clicking on nmfs_ctd_1995, we see a list of CTD data sets from the Seward Johnson cruises.

/globec/gb/process/nmfs_ctd_1995 -- Level 0

/globec/gb/process/nmfs_ctd_1995 ---- Level 0

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#  GLOBEC Cruises
#  Georges Bank
#  The WHOI/Millard/Limeburner CTD processing routines were used on 1995
#  data. They are calibrated with Niskin bottles. The salt correction and
#  rms differences are posted at the top of each data file. Prior to 1995,
#  the data posted here is preliminary General Oceanics CTDPOST output
#  and did not require a salt correction (<0.01 psu mean difference). 
year	ship	cruise_id	instrument	pi	
95	SJ	03	        ctd_nb	        jmanning	
95	SJ	05	        ctd_nb	        jmanning	
95	SJ	07	        ctd_nb	        jmanning	

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