Data Management Office and NEP


JGOFS/GLOBEC Data Management System

Data Policy Characteristics

Data Objects and Methods

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Data may reside on remote servers

Information About Your Data

What is Interoperability?

Implementing Data Interoperability

Data can be viewed level 0

Next level: 1

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Or plotted

Selecting X-Y plotting options

Simple Plot

Or downloaded

Download Utility

Data Projection

Data Selection

Other download options

Northeast Pacific/CGOA
[As of 6 Jan 2006]

Northeast Pacific/CCS
[As of 6 Jan 2006]

What is missing?

Data Management Advisory Group

Software Tools

Data Visualization Enhancements
Better Able to Handle:

Software Design Criteria

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Bathymetry off Cape Cod

Script file to load layers/colors/data points

Mark Benfield Stellwagon Bank abundance 3D gridded scalar field via kriging

Zoomed in

Same view but with only higher density (counts) shown

Rotated view with different lighting

Curtain without points

Curtain without points, rotated


Isosurfaces zoomed in

Isosurfaces zoomed in but higher counts only

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Following GeoZui3D slides not used during presentation

Curtain with points

Curtain slicer

Curtain slicer rotated

All slices

Display reference grid

Example of gradient vectors

Visualization Tools

GeoZui3D & EZGZ

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