U.S. GLOBEC Georges Bank
Scientific Investigators' Workshop
September 8 - 15, 1998
University of New Hampshire
New England Center


The U.S. GLOBEC Georges Bank Scientific Investigators' Workshop was held September 8 - 15, 1998 at the New England Center of the University of New Hampshire. This is the same place that the 1996 Data Workshop was held. It was be an intensive, eight day, data and synthesis workshop and was intended to foster both disciplinary and interdisciplinary exchanges among investigators.

In addition to information exchange, and time for data synthesis, the workshop hoped to accomplish the following:

  1. Planning towards the transition of GLOBEC Results to Operational applications: An FY2000 Fisheries Oceanography Initiative
  2. Preparation for Data Synthesis - a white paper about the goals, objectives, and mechanisms.
  3. Planning for the development of more comprehensive collaborative ties to Canadian and European scientists working on parallel GLOBEC projects.

Mechanisms for communicating results included:

  1. A lecture series - one or two per day, on one of the major topic areas including long term hydrographic and biological variability, stratification and its impact on biology, source/retention/loss - mechanisms and relative importance, assimilative modeling, and predation impact on zooplankton versus direct mortality estimates.
  2. Poster board sessions - an ongoing activity, where results can be posted.
  3. Hot topic talks - to be determined as things develop

In addition, discussions were held on the proposed second DSR volume; cruise planning for 1999; Phase III science; synthesis white paper preparation; and with Georges Bank fishermen.