Atlantic cod and haddock eggs on Georges Bank, 1995 to 1997; interannual variation in distribution, abundance and mortality rates

P. Berrien and J. Sibunka


GLOBEC Broadscale Surveys on Georges Bank were implemented to assess bank-wide features on a monthly basis during the first half of the calendar year. These surveys provide information on distribution and abundance and on biological rates such as mortality/survival and growth of planktonic life stages of target species. This bank-wide approach provides some of the 'big picture' examination of potential factors in the determination of recruitment rates, as compared to the more focused approach of 'process studies'.

Analysis of egg collections of the two targeted fish species, Atlantic cod and haddock, provides the starting point in a 'life table' assessment. It is assumed that egg production rate parameters can be linked with those of larvae, and with the adult stocks that produced them. Additionally, because eggs are passive constituents of the plankton their fate can be strongly influenced by circulation patterns on the Bank.

Data / Procedures