Changes in phytoplankton color index and selected calanoid copepods in continuous plankton recorder data from the Scotian Shelf

D. Sameoto

Continuous Plankton Recorder data for phytoplankton color index,total diatoms, C. finmarchicus stages 1 - 4, C. glacialis, C. hyperboreus and Paracalanus/Pseudocalanus collected between the years 1961 and 1998 in the Canadian Atlantic region were analyzed for geographic (eastern and western Scotian shelf) and temporal changes. Significant differences on both geographic and temporal scales were detected. Changes were observed in these taxa after 1991 with the phytoplankton color index increasing significantly. A shift in the climatology occurred after 1991 as concentrations of C. finmarchicus and Paracalanus/Pseudocalanus became significantly higher in the first three months of the year compared to the years 1961 to 1974.