Scientific Investigators' Workshop

To: U.S. GLOBEC Georges Bank Workshop participants:

Here is the agenda for the October 16-18, 1995 U.S. GLOBEC Georges Bank Program scientific investigators' workshop, subject to any last minute adjustments.

As a reminder, lunches and dinners will be provided for those who wish to partake. The cost will be:
Lunch: $8.00 per day ($24.00 for all three days)
Monday buffet: $16.00
Tuesday dinner: $18.50

Total for all three days: $58.50

If you have any special dietary requests, please let us know immediately. Payment can be made in advance or at the door (payable to WHOI).

See you on Monday, October 16th!

Cheers, Bob Groman and Chip Clancy --------
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U.S. GLOBEC Georges Bank Program
Scientific Investigators' Workshop
Agenda - October 16, 17, and 18, 1995

Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution
Woods Hole, MA

Date:  October 16, 1995           Location: Quissett
                                  Campus - Clark 507


0800   Coffee/fruit/rolls

0830   Welcome 

       Introduction to workshop 

0845   Overview of the U.S. GLOBEC Georges Bank Study

0910   Session I: Bank-wide Structures (David
       Mountain/Chair, Ann Bucklin & Dan

0915 John Loder     	     Large-Scale Hydrographic and
                             Circulation Variability in the
                             Georges Bank Region
0930 Peter Smith             Monitoring the inflows to the Gulf
                             Of Maine 

0945 David Mountain          The bank wide hydrography
                             during the 1995 field season
                             (Maureen Taylor )
1000 Jim Bisagni             Satellite and drifter evidence for
                             Maine coastal current flow onto
                             Georges Bank
1015 Break
1030 Christopher Naimie      Prognostically modeled winter
                             and summer circulation on
                             Georges Bank
1045 Glen Gawarkiewicz       The shelf break front

1100 Bob Beardsley           The 1995 ARGOS drifter program
                             (Dick Limeburner)
1115 Charles Flagg           The 1995 ADCP program (Julio
1130 Rich Fairbanks          The application of oxygen isotope
                             analysis for water source


1145 Steve Bollens           Three-dimensional distribution
                             and abundance of zooplankton on
                             Georges Bank, 1939-1941, with
                             comments on the effects of storm
                             events (Mary Landsteiner, Cabell
                             Davis, Andy Solow)

1200 Lunch - Outside Clark 507

1300 Carol Meise             Spatial and seasonal patterns in
                             abundance and age composition of
                             Calanus finmarchicus and
                             Pseudocalanus spp. in the Gulf of
                             Maine and on Georges Bank:
1315 Barbara Sullivan        Temporal Trends in
                             abundance of invertebrate
                             predators MARMAP data
                             1978-1988 (Carol Meise)
1320 Ted Durbin              Bank wide surveys of biomass and
                             species distribution of
                             zooplankton, and abundance and
                             age structures of the target species
1335 Jack Green              Broad-scale larval fish feeding
                             studies: preliminary analysis of
                             April and May 'starburst' stations
                             (Tony Chute, Rebecca Jones)
1350 Ann Bucklin             Patterns of dispersal and sources
                             of recruitment of Georges Bank
                             zooplankton, including Calanus
1405 David Townsend          Hydrography, chlorophyll,
                             nutrients, and larval cod
                             distributions and age
                             structure on Georges Bank in
                             April and May of 1993 and
1420 Barbara Sullivan         Bank wide distribution,
                              sources and suspension of
                              planktonic hydroids, 1994
                              and 1995 (Steve Bollens,
                              Stephanie Concelman, Erich
                              Horgan, Mari Butler, Larry
                              Madin, Donna Van Keuren)
1435 William Michaels         Spacial changes in the
                              density distributions of larval
                              cod and haddock, and their
                              potential fish predators on
                              Georges Bank during the
                              spring of 1994 and 1995
                              (Michael Fogarty, Gina
                              Reppucci, Mark Robinson)
1450 Charlie Miller           Storage lipids in Calanus on
                              Georges Bank, seasonal changes
                              and analytical practice
1505 Break

1520 Elizabeth Clarke         Seasonal patterns in enzyme
                              activities and condition of
                              larval fish and copepods on
                              Georges Bank (presented by
                              Ann Bucklin)
1535 Peter Wiebe              Acoustical estimation of the
                              distribution of zooplankton
                              biomass on Georges Bank (Tim
                              Stanton, Charles Greene, Mark


1550 Wendell Brown            Climatological box modeling of
                              the Gulf of Maine and Georges
                              Bank region (Frank Bub) 
1605 Cisco Werner             Larval cod and haddock
                              trophodynamics and transport -
                              further considerations on the
                              effects of turbulence (Greg Lough,
                              Ian Perry, Christopher Naimie,
                              Dan Lynch, Brian MacKenzie)
1620 Daniel Lynch             Modeling Georges Bank
                              zooplankton dynamics in realistic
                              flow fields
1635 Benoit Cushman-          Southern flank currents
     Roisin                   (Doug Morgan)
1650 James Manning            Tracking the advection of
                              cod-haddock larvae spawned on
                               northeastern Georges Bank in
                              1995 (Greg Lough, Christopher

1830 Reception/Buffet Dinner - Quissett Campus - Clark

Date:     October 17, 1995              Location: Quissett
                                        Campus - Clark 507


0800 Coffee/fruit/rolls

0830 Fred Page                Seasonal variation in cod and
                              haddock egg and larval
                              distributions on Georges Bank in
                              relation to particle residence times
                              (Mike Sinclair, Greg Lough, Peter
                              Berrien, John Loder, Christopher
                              Naimie, Randy Losier, et. al.)
0845 Greg Lough               Case studies of retentive
                              circulation features of
                              cod-haddock eggs and larvae on
                              Georges Bank in 1978, 1980,
                              1983, and 1985 (Peter Berrien,
                              Jim Manning, Cisco Werner, John
                              Loder, Fred Page, Charles
                              Hannah, Christopher Naimie, Ian
                              Perry, Mike Sinclair, Dan Lynch)  
0900 Changsheng Chen          A Coupled
                              Physical-Biological Model of
                              Georges Bank (Peter Franks)

     Panel discussion:

0915 Bank-wide patterns in physics and biology and possible
     causes for the patterns, e.g. Scotian Shelf intrusion, ring
     influences, inter-annual temperature differences, storm
     induced transport, differences in biomass or species
     patterns between months and years, etc.

1000 Break

1015 Session II: Stratification and Its Effects (Bob
     Beardsley/Chair, Dian Gifford & Ted

     Physical oceanographic setting:

1020 Jeff Van Keuren          Optical conditions across
                              Georges Bank including the
                              influence of stratification
1035 Jim Bisagni              Retrospective analyses of SST and

1050 Jim Irish                Moored sites bottom surveys
1055 Jim Irish                Preliminary look at the long-term
                              moored array data
1105 Bob Beardsley            Preliminary look at the vertical
                              stratification at ST1 (Steve Lentz,
                              Bob Weller)
1120 Jim Manning              Preliminary look at moored data at
1135 Russ Burgett             Georges Bank microstructure
                              measurements, spring 1995
1150 Jim Churchill            The 1995 bottom tripod program
                              (Sandy Williams, Sandra Werner)
1155 Jim Churchill            Water Displacements and
                              Horizontal Dispersion over the
                              Southern Flank; Results from GPS
                              Drifter Tracking (Jim Manning)

1205 Lunch - Outside Clark 507 

1300 Peter Garrahan           Short term drifter tracks by our
                              ARGOS/GPS drifters made at
                              each station during the process
1315 Dan Lynch                Model generated turbulence
                              patterns on Georges Bank
                              (Christopher Naimie )

1330 Mike Sieracki            Vertical distributions of
                              phytoplankton, nanozooplankton
                              and microzooplankton (Dian
1345 Scott Gallager           VPR sampling during the
                              stratification study (Cabell Davis,
                              Carin Ashjian, Phil Alatalo, Mark
1400 Mark Berman              Acoustic determination of fine
                              scale plankton distribution of
                              zooplankton on Georges Bank
                              (Jack Green, Van Holliday) 
1415 Ted Durbin               Age structures of the target
                              species over time at the drifter
                              sites and inferences of growth and
                              mortality from these (Jack Green,
                              Van Holliday) 
1430 Dian Gifford             Copepod feeding on
                              phytoplankton, nanozooplankton
                              and microzooplankton (Mike
1445 Jeff Runge               Calanus recruitment rates:
                              January-June, 1995

1500 Break

1515 Bob Campbell             Growth of Calanus as measured
                              by molting rates and changes in
                              carbon and nitrogen content
1525 Melissa Wagner           Growth and physiological
                              condition of Calanus as
                              inferred from RNA/DNA
1535 Elaine Caldarone         Nutritional condition of cod
                              and haddock larvae from
                              Georges Bank during May,
                              1993 and May, 1994 (Kate
                              Lindner, Lawrence Buckley)
1550 Scott Gallager           Young cod larvae feed exclusively
                              on microzooplankton from natural
                              plankton assemblages
1605 Greg Lough               Is there an optimal relationship
                              between turbulence and larval fish
                              feeding success? (David
                              Mountain, Elisabeth Broughton,
                              Bruce Burns, Marie Kiladis)
1620 Lew Incze                Vertical profiles of theoretical contact
                              rates between larval cod and their
                              naupliar prey in light of recent
                              turbulence measurements
1635 Michael Moore            Field and laboratory evaluation of
                              cell proliferation in copepods and
                              larval fish (Bruce Woodin,
                              Michael Morss, Carolyn Miller,
                              John Stegeman)
1650 Larry Madin              Distribution, abundance and
                              feeding biology of invertebrate
                              predators (Grace Klein-MacPhee,
                              Barbara Sullivan, Mari Butler,
                              Erich Horgan, Steve Bollens)

1830 Dinner - Clark 507

Date:     October 18, 1995    Location: Redfield Auditorium (note
                                    location change)


0800 Coffee/fruit/rolls

0830 Pamela Blades-           Investigations of larval diapause
     Eckelbarger              in Calanus finmarchicus (Nancy

     Modeling studies:

0845 Panel discussion:

     Does stratification make any difference to the target
     species (e.g. vertical distributions, vital rates) and what
     impact does this have on their population dynamics?

0930 Session III: Population Dynamics of Target Species
     (Charlie Miller/Chair, Cabell Davis & Dan

0935 Mike Fogarty             Development of Stage-Structured
                              Models of Fish Community
0950 Ann Bucklin              Oligonucleotide-probe based
                              identification of sibling species
                              and their application for
                              population dynamic studies

1005 Break

1020 Cisco Werner             Individual based model of cod and
                              haddock larvae (Greg Lough, Ian
                              Perry, Christopher Naimie)
1035 Andrew Leising           Larval cod and haddock on
                              Georges Bank: a model with
                              temperature, prey size and
                              turbulence forcing (Peter
1050 Glenn Flierl             Use of EOF's to characterize
                              population stage structure in
                              models (Cabell Davis)

     Panel discussion: 

1105 What additional data are needed to enhance the
     modeling effort?

1120 Session IV: Hot topics discussion (Steve
     Bollens/Chair, Greg Lough/Rapporteur)

     Possible topics include: Calanus/Pseudocalanus
     paradigms, Hydroids, Turbulence, Chaetoceros patch,
     and Sandstorms.  [Add to list during workshop]

1200 Lunch -Outside Redfield Auditorium

1300 Session V: Wrap Up

1305 Peter Wiebe              AGU ASLO Plans

1320 Robert Groman            Update on Data Management

1335 Peter Wiebe              Updates on International Programs
                              and Cooperative Research

1350 Other items

1400 Workshop ends

     Those interested in 1996 cruises stay to discuss:

               Planning for 1996 cruises
                    Broad-scale station locations and protocol