U.S. GLOBEC Georges Bank
Scientific Investigators' Workshop
September 8 - 16, 1998
University of New Hampshire
New England Center
Great Bay Room


The U.S. GLOBEC Georges Bank 1998 Scientific Investigators' Data Workshop is scheduled for September 8-15 at the University of New Hampshire. The Executive Committee discussed the workshop's agenda at the May 1 EXCO meeting and began with how to structure the workshop. In addition to the data analysis/presentation activities, the importance of producing reports on the following was discussed:

  1. Transition of GLOBEC Results to Operational applications: An FY2000 Fisheries Oceanography Initiative
  2. Preparation for Data Synthesis - a white paper about the goals, objectives, and mechanisms.
  3. Development of more comprehensive collaborative ties to Canadian and European scientists working on parallel GLOBEC projects.

The following topic areas were identified for Data Analysis/Synthesis sessions at the workshop:

  1. long term hydrographic and biological variability
  2. stratification and its impact on biology
  3. source/retention/loss
  4. assimilative modeling (collective experimentation at meeting)
    1. simulating distribution changes through time.
    2. fish/zooplankton dynamic coupling
  5. cruise planning for 1999
  6. second DSR volume
  7. data management

It was felt that work on the first two should be quite far along, while for the third and fourth, investigators will be at more initial stages in their analyses. It was also felt that investigators from the NOAA/COP Predator/Prey program should be invited to attend the workshop. In addition to the above sessions, three mechanisms for communicating results were identified:

  1. Lecture series - one or two per day, on one of the major topic areas
  2. Poster Board Session - an ongoing activity, where results can be posted.
  3. Hot Topic Talks - to be determined as things develop.

The initial schedule of events - as identified so far - is (beginning on Tuesday, September 8):

     T       afternoon setup/evening session to review agenda, meeting      
                objectives,Phase III funding and DSR overview
     W       (AM) finish from Tuesday PM and review white paper topics
     M       cruise planning session (½ day)
     T       DSR review
     W       data management discussions

To be determined:

If you have suggestions for the agenda, please contact the Data Management Office.


If you plan to attend, please register on-line now.

Last updated: July 27, 1998