JGOFS Software Wish List

  1. More features on Plotting and other options page
    1. Creating objects of objects
    2. Enhanced graphics output options i. Web supported (platform independent) 3-D visualization ii. Client based visualization
    3. Improved user interface, including access to help and examples [Done]
  2. Ability to download data as comma and tab separated tables {Done via download utility.]
  3. Full support for width attribute by all methods including math [Mostly done]
  4. Point and click interface to data via geographical map
  5. Improved access to data via data inventory
    1. May be site specific vs. supported by JGOFS software [Done, via Quick Status Update scripts.]
  6. New search features
    1. May be site specific vs. supported by JGOFS software [Implementation begun using About utility.]
  7. Forms based data selection [Partially available via "Plotting and Other Options" page]
    1. By position (lat, lon boundaries)
    2. By date/time
    3. By values (<,>,=,!= etc.). Allow for multiple comparisons.
    4. Support for projections
  8. Improve JOIN to remove size restriction [Improvements in the works.]
    1. Prerequisit for object of objects?
  9. Add time filter (like math method) [Beta version available]
    1. Local <-> UTC
  10. Create user-defined, persistent objects
  11. Outer to honor level information for non-html, non-flat output
  12. Support for hidden objects in new .objects/.remoteobjects scheme
  13. Data decimation options
    1. Ability to retrieve every n-th data value, supported by outer
    2. Ability to select n, and have default "quick look" feature, where n = m, and m => 5
  14. JGOFS query to SQL query converter [Done, via Perl scripts.]
    1. Would be needed by SQL method
  15. Have build create cgi or html file available for debugging purposes. It will enable remote access to JGOFS' parameters, environment variables, etc.
  16. Ability to handle "warnings" (e.g. bad data value) that will cause a message to be written, but not cause the program to "blow up".
  17. Passing level (and other?) information to inner so inner can work more efficiently.
  18. Change default output filename for Matlab format to use the .mat extension.

    Last modified: September 5, 1999