Accessing JGOFS Data System From Within Matlab

It is possible to directly access JGOFS data objects from within MATLAB. Here are some comments from the loadjg.m command:

% LOADJG   Retrieve variables from data objects over the network.
%    LOADJG(fname)
%       If 'fname' ends in .mat, the operation is the
%          same as  LOAD  fname.
%       Otherwise, it is assumed to be a 
%          data object and is retrieved from the network. LOADJG creates
%          a variable for each variable in the object and fills it with
%          the values. The object is "flattened" out, so that all the
%          vectors are the full length.
%    LOADJG(fname,modifier)
%       The modifier string affects how the results are stored. It
%          contains comma-separated keywords:
%          'NaN' separates different groups with a row of NaN's
%             so that plots will break appropriately
%  perhaps to come...
%          'level' generates a set of variables 
%                 level0, level1,..., levelN with N=# levels -1
%             which contain indices to the positions in the data 
%             vector where a variable at the corresponding level
%             has changed. The innermost level changes at each
%             row and does not have a pointer.
%          'nd=...' specifies the transformation of nd (no data)
%             values. Default is NaN.
%          'break=variablename' converts each variable to a matrix
%             with the different columns corresponding to different
%             values of the chosen variablename. Columns will be
%             filled at the end with no data values.
This routine and accompanying source code are undergoing some revisions. Please contact the Data Management Office if you are interested in this capability.

Last modified: February 25, 1998