From Tue Jan 30 00:27 EST 1996 Date: Tue, 30 Jan 1996 00:25:56 -0500 From: (Warren J Sass) To: Subject: Messages associated with defrpt_url X-VMS-To: rgroman Messages defmet 1.8 29 Jan 96 Many messages print diagnostic on one line and diagnosed text on next ID info-1 of first 3 messages, plus last message " No data files open" " Lowest level data file open is level 0" " Lowest level data file open is at level %d\n Either file %s is this file, or we are trying to open it at level %d",i,subfilename,i+1 " This msg from: %s %s",PROGRAM_NAME,PROGRAM_VERSION Comment line processing "Comment buffer overflow attempting to add comment ",tmp I/O errs from fgets system call "EOF/error at or before variable list" "EOF/error reading 2nd defmet comment record" Fixed format data processing (format/data mismatches) "More than one datum in single fixed field. Field = ",tmp+impstarts[i] "Bad record structure near end of data record ",tmp Free format data processing; subfile name processing "Too few variables in data record. Record = ",tmp "Too many variables in data record. Record = ",tmp "Subfile name too big. Bad name = ",tok "Directory + subfile name too big. Bad name = ",tok Variable name/attribute processing "Unpaired or improperly paired quotation marks. Token = ",tok "Attribute does not end with ]. Bad attr = ",attr "Attribute too long. Bad attr = ",attr "Duplicate variable name (after translation, if any). Name = ",tok "Too many levels. Max set in inner" I/O errs from fgets system call "EOF/error trying to read a variable list record" transvar "> Using translation file",s[TRANS_FILE_ARG] /* Inserted comment line */ "> Using translation file-name cannot fit here" /* Inserted comment line */ "Translation list overflow attempting to add variable ",this_var "Variable in translation file has no synonym. Variable = ",this_var I/O err from fopen system call "Error opening translation file ",s[TRANS_FILE_ARG] I/O err from fgets system call "EOF/error before translation file data records" Time_gmt calculation "Minute null or too long. Minute = ",mn_ptr "Non-numeric minute. Minute=",mn_ptr "Minute > 59". Minute=,mn_ptr "Hour null or too long. Hour = ",hr_ptr "Non-numeric hour. Hour=",hr_ptr "Hour > 23". Hour=,hr_ptr Miscellany "Mixed fixed/free format input variable ",tabnames[j] /* NG within a level */ "Token too long. Bad token = ",tok "Illegal embedded comment line",buf "Requested removal of variable that doesn't exist. Its index exceeds that of last variable in dataset" From defw "New variable name in file. Name = ",tok /* Slightly modified */ "Bad file structure" "Bad header file name ",s[0] "Missing file ",subfilename