U.S. GLOBEC Data Thesaurus

Revised: Jan 18, 2007

The following field names, instrument names and protocols are used by the U.S. GLOBEC Program. This list will be updated as necessary. For further information contact the Data Management Office.

The general guidelines used to define field names and data attributes are based on the JGOFS Program although there are differences between the two programs.

The Data Management Office is working to improve and upgrade the U.S. GLOBEC Database Thesaurus. Changes made since 8 May 2006 are marked in red. Terms which are being eliminated from the Thesaurus because of redundancy, imprecision or inaccuracy are marked in green and after a few months will no longer appear. Please feel free to comment or critique the changes. gfh + mda

Field Names


  1. The Practical Salinity Scale 1978 and the International Equation of State of Seawater 1980. Tenth report of the Joint Panel on Oceanographic Tables and Standards (JPOTS), Sidney, B.C. Canada, 1-5 September 1980, sponsored by Unesco, ICES, SCOR, IAPSO. Unesco technical papers in marine science 36.
    The International System of Units (SI) in Oceanography. Report of the IAPSCO Working Group on Symbols, Units and Nomenclature in Physical Oceanography (SUN). Unesco technical papers in marine science 45.
  2. ITS-9- Temperature Scale, Sea-Bird Electronics, Inc., Application Note No. 42. Revised - November 1996. The linear relationship between the ITS90 (T90) temperature standard and the IPTS68 (T68) standard is T68 = 1.00024 * T90.

Instrument Names


Platform Names and Their Abbreviations