Review Logos

We are trying to create a T-shirt with the logos of all the Institutions participating in the U.S. GLOBEC Northwest Atlantic Georges Bank Program. We need your help to select the best logo for your institution.

Institution names are listed below, alphabetically. Please locate your Institution and click on the link provided to view the logo(s) that we have found for your institution. Contact Chip to let us know:

If your Institution is not listed, please contact Chip and point us to the logo you would like us to use.

Timimg is tight, but we hope to have the T-shirts available for the September 8 - 16, 1998 Scientific Investigators' Data Workshop.

Thanks for your assistance.

Bedford Institute of Oceanography
Bigelow Laboratories
Bowdoin College
Brookhaven National Laboratories
Canadian GLOBEC
Chesapeake Biological Laboratory
Cornell University
Dartmouth College
Florida State University
Institut Maurice-Lamontagne
Lamont Doherty Earth Observatory
Louisiana State University
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
National Oceanic and Atmospheric Agency
National Science Foundation
NOAA (see related links below)
NOAA Fisheries (1)
NOAA Fisheries (2)
Northeast Fisheries Science Center (1)
Northeast Fisheries Scence Center (2)
Ohio University
Oregon State University
Rutgers University
San Franciso State University
Scripps Institution of Oeanography
Sir Alister Hardy Foundation for Ocean Science
State Univ. of NY at Stony Brook
Tracor Applied Sciences, Inc.
Universty of Georgia (1)
Universty of Georgia (2)
Universty of Maine
Universty of Maryland/Baltimore(2)
Univeristy of Massachusetts/Darmouth
University of New Hampshire (1)
Universty of New Hampshire (2)
Universty of North Carollina
Universty of Rhode Island
Universty of Southern California
Universty of Washington
US GLOBEC Georges Bank
Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution

Last modified: July 23, 1998