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  • Posted: February 12, 2004 - Pull: June 21, 2004

    US GLOBEC Georges Bank Investigators' Meeting

    The next US GLOBEC Georges Bank Investigators' Meeting will take place at Salve Regina University, Rhode Island, 21 - 25 June 2004. More detailed information and the registration form will be available on-line shortly.

    Contributed by Bob Groman

  • Posted: August 7, 2003 - Pull: February 15, 2004

    2004 Ocean Research Conference

    Note: Abstract deadline is October 5, 2003.

    The American Society of Limnology and Oceanography and The Oceanography Society invite the submission of abstracts for oral and poster presentations for the 2004 Ocean Research Conference and to the Special Session on Operational Fisheries Oceanography. February 15-20, 2004. Hawaii Convention Center, Honolulu, Hawaii. I call to your attention a special session on Operational Fisheries Oceanography.

    Meeting Sub-theme 8: Pacific Fisheries/Census of Marine Life SS8.03: Operational Fisheries Oceanography

    Organizer: Mitchell A. Roffer, Roffer's Ocean Fishing Forecasting Service, Inc. ( roffers@bellsouth.net)

    This symposium will bring together fisheries scientists involved in fisheries oceanography from both the public and private sectors. There is a critical need to bring together fisheries oceanographers from both sectors to exchange ideas, approaches, and experiences to examine how to integrate operational fisheries oceanographic information to improve fish stock assessments and policy. The session will facilitate a comparison of the utility of different data, analyses, and visualization tools. Please submit abstracts to ASLO and to M Roffer (contacts above). A peer reviewed publication will be derived from this special session.

    Contributed by Manuel Barange via e-mail

  • Posted: July 9, 2003 - Pull: February 15, 2004

    TOS/ASLO Meeting

    The TOS/ASLO 2004 OCEAN RESEARCH CONFERENCE will take place February 15-20, 2004, Hawaii Convention Center, Honolulu, Hawaii.

    There will be a special session called "Developing Ecosystem-based Products for Ocean and Estuarine Management" The abstract submission date is October 5, 2003. If you would like to present at this special session, please contact Elizabeth Turner and let her know if you would prefer a poster or a talk.

    The session abstract is as follows:

    The delivery of comprehensive information products and technologies applicable to specific ocean and coastal management issues remains a challenge for ocean science programs. In general, ecosystem studies have been committed to producing data and information products such as technical reports, peer-reviewed publications, data bases, and numerical and conceptual models, with little consideration for their relevance to management problems. This session will present results of scientific studies that are directly applicable and transferable to management issues. Contributions are sought that highlight prediction, assessment, or hindcasting of ocean/estuarine ecosystem conditions and their effects on marine management issues, as well as papers that describe the transfer of information from ecosystem studies into the management arena.

    For information about the 2004 OCEAN RESEARCH CONFERENCE and the other special sessions, see their web site at http://www.tos.org/2004OceanResearchConference.htm

    Contributed by: Elizabeth Turner