U.S. GLOBEC Georges Bank Program - Phase 2
1998 Vessel Equipment and Facilities Requirements

Equipment or Facilities Program Activity
Broad-Scale Cruises Process Cruises Long-term Mooring Cruises
Trawl winch /w conducting cable for 10m2 MOC (.68") Yes Not needed Yes (conducting wire not


Winch to tow Biomapper/Green Bomber, fiber optic cable winch



Not needed

Medium winch /w conducting cable for 1-m2 MOC (0.322") Yes Yes Not needed
Two after deck mounted air tuggers and A-frame for 10m2 MOCNESS


Yes Not needed
CTD/rosette with 10-liter Go-flow bottles Yes Yes Yes
Uncontaminated running sea water Yes Yes Not needed
Crane for mooring deployments Not needed Not needed Yes
Davit or boom for towed acoustics Yes Yes Not needed
PDR Yes Yes Yes
-80c freezer Yes Not needed Not needed
Standard freezer Yes No Not needed
Refrigerator Yes Yes Not needed
De-ionized water Not needed Yes Not needed
Fume hood Yes Yes Not needed
Microscope & video space Yes Yes Not needed
Provisions for liquid nitrogen Yes Not needed Not needed
ADCP Yes Yes Yes
SAIL communication loop Yes Yes Yes
Continuous surface temp/salt/fluoro Yes Yes Yes
Meteorological measurements Yes Yes Yes
Loran/GPS Note: higher resolution P-code GPS required for some cruises Yes Yes Yes
ATS/fax Yes Yes Yes
Satellite imagery transfer Yes Yes Yes
Xerox machine Yes Yes Yes
Clean electrical power Yes

Yes (plus 440v for 10Kv transformer)

Ample scientific storage for samples Yes Yes Not needed

Last modified: September 10, 1997