Vessel Equipment and Facilities Requirements for the U.S. GLOBEC Georges Bank Study

 Equipment or Facilities                   Program Activity
                                           Broad-Scale       Long-term Mooring
                                           Cruises           Cruises
 Trawl winch /w conducting cable for 10
 m2MOC (.68")                              Yes               Not needed
 Medium winch /w conducting cable for
 double 1 m2MOC (0.322")                   Yes               Not needed
 Small winch for pump and collection of
 live samples                              Yes               Not needed
 Zodiac                                    Not needed        Yes
 CTD/rosette                               Yes               Yes
 Crane for mooring/MOC 10 deployments      Yes               Yes
 Davit for towed acoustics                 Yes               Not needed
 PDR                                       Yes               Yes
 -80c freezer                              Yes               Not needed
 Standard freezer                          Yes               Not needed
 Refrigerator                              Yes               Not needed
 De-ionized water                          Yes               Not needed
 Fume hood                                 Yes               Not needed
 Dark room                                 Yes               Not needed
 Microscope & video space                  Yes               Not needed
 Provisions for liquid nitrogen            Yes               Not needed
 ADCP                                      Yes               Yes
 SAIL communication loop                   Yes               Yes
 Continuous surface temp/salt/fluorometry  Yes               Yes
 Meteorological measurements               Yes               Yes
 Short/long wave radiation                 Yes               Yes
 Loran/GPS                                 Yes               Yes
 ATS/fax                                   Yes               Yes
 Satellite imagery transfer                Yes               Yes
 Xerox machine                             Yes               Yes
 Clean electrical power                    Yes               Yes
 Ample scientific storage for samples      Yes               Not needed