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GLOBEC Georges Bank - Precruise Data Catalog

Project: BASS - Stratification Study, bottom turbulence
PI[s]: Jim Churchill, Sandy Williams, Bob Beardsley
WHOI, Woods Hole, MA
Data: Velocity, Turbidity, Correlated Quantities, Pressure, Temperature
Vector velocity at 5 heights from 30 cm to 500 cm above bottom, half hour means from 4 Hz measurements
Burst velocities at 10 Hz for 1 height daily for 40 minutes
Optical backscatter sensor measurements at 5 heights from 30 cm to 500 cm above bottom, half-hourly means
Correlated Quantities
velocity-turbidity, half-hourly means: "sediment flux"
velocity-velocity half-hourly means "turbulent kinetic energy, "Reynolds stress"
Half-hourly bursts of 1 minute duration, pressure measurements at 4 Hz.
Half-hourly means of temperature at 5 heights from 30 cm to 500 cm above bottom.
Area: Site A
Southern Flank of Georges Bank at 80 m
Period: mid Feb, 1995 to mid July, 1995
excepting 1 day cleaning interval in mid Apr
Frequency: half-hourly, also daily, 4 Hz, 10 Hz
see data section
Raw form:
Blocks of unsigned integers in binary format. Block length 229,376 bytes.
Unpacked form
Matlab matrices of time, velocity, optical backscatter, pressure, temperature, high rate velocity, correlated velocity-turbidity, correlated velocity-velocity.
Archive Contact:
Albert J. Williams 3rd
Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution
Woods Hole, MA 02543
Data System Access:
FTP from PC at