Application of the Matlab Krigeage Toolbox: the c261 example.

The c261 files are used to plot the distribution of abundance of Calanus finmarchicus females during the EN261 broadscale cruise (11-19 February, 1995).

To plot this figure, enter:

batchtr ('261')

The reproductive index and egg production rate distributions can be accessed by opening the M-file, batchtr.m, and removing the % sign before the caltrace instruction for each particular figure, then redoing the batchtr ('261') command.

A description of the steps for the objective interpolation of the Georges Bank data is found in Georges.m.

This toolbox was written by Caroline Lafleur and Yves Gratton, INRS-Océanologie, Université du Québec à Rimouski. Questions and comments may be directed to:

Yves Gratton



Jeffrey Runge