MATLAB Krigeage Toolbox

This toolbox is almost entirely made up of functions from the book by Deutsch and Journel (1992) and from the paper by Marcotte (1991). The variogram functions are MEX-files compiled from the former while the cokriging functions were published, in Matlab format, in Marcotte's 1991 paper. All the parameters and examples can be found, in english, in the two publications. The book by Journel and Huijbregts (1992) is the best book on semivariograms. A complete example of optimal estimation in physical oceanography can be found in the paper by Denman and Freeland (1985).

Denman, K.L. and H.J. Freeland, 1985. Correlation Scales, Objective Mapping and a Statistical Test of Geostrophy over the Continental Shelf. J. Mar. Res., 43: 517-539.

Deutsch, C. V and A. G. Journel, 1992. GSLIB: Geostatistical Software Library and User's Guide. Oxford University Press, Oxford, 340 p.

Journel, A.G. and C.J. Huijbregts, 1992. Mining Geostatistics. Academic Press, New York, 600 p.

Marcotte, D. 1991. Cokrigeage with MATLAB. Computers & Geosciences. 17(9): 1265-1280.

Many functions are still not completely tested. Please report any bugs or problems to

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Last modified: May 29, 1998