Help for the Subselections page

The Subselections page offers two ways to assign the criteria for restricting the 'view' of the data object currently in use. This view is used by the utilities on the Plotting and Other Operations Menu to restrict the parameters and/or values that are displayed.

Two techniques for restricting data display:
Examples follow:

Select all values at stations numbered greater than 1 AND (indicated by the comma)
at depths equal to or less than 100 meters deep (use the vertical bar "|" to indicate OR instead of a comma "," for AND in the "enter the criteria for sub-selection" area):

sta > 1, depth <= 100

Pick list technique
First, pull down the list of variables under 'Selections:' and click on 'sta'.
Then, at the next pull-down list, choose the operator '>'
Next, type the value '1' in the area following the '>'
Finally, push the 'Add selection' button.
Continue with the 'depth <= 100' selection, then click 'Add selection'.

Type criteria directly technique
To combine projections and selections, it is probably easier to type them in the space provided.
For example, to display only event, bottle number, depth and total alkalinity for records having a value for depth greater than 100 meters:

In the long box to the left of the 'Replace Criteria' button, type
event, bot, depth, talk, depth>100