Cruise Reports

Click on the link to review on-line cruise reports (Georges Bank). Note that in some cases the figures, tables and other images may not yet be available and you will receive a message that the link has not been found. The cruise report is searchable using whatever search (or find) capabilities are available in your viewer. Also, you can click here to search through all our on-line documentation and reports by key words and phrases.

Many of these reports were converted directly to "html" and would benefit from tailoring for on-line use.

Click here to see the list of on-line cruise reports as well as those cruises whose cruise reports will be available on-line in the future. Hard-copy versions of these reports may be available from the cruise chief scientist.

Our data inventory is available on-line and may help you locate data from a particular cruise. Also, a search by field name is available to locate data by field name (i.e. data parameter). Finally, the about utility allows you to search by key word and will search whatever local resources are available to match your search string.

Southern Ocean GLOBEC Cruise Reports via the Inventory. Click on the cruise desired and then choose 'cruise report' from the list and click on 'on-line'.

Last modified: December 4, 2012