Data Workshops

At the 23 January 2000 Scientific Investigators' meeting held in the San Antonio, Texas Convention Center a number of data workshops were suggested during the course of the afternoon's discussion. In addition to tentative titles, leaders of each workshop were identified who would prepare a workshop prospectus and decide on the venue.

Many of these suggested workshops have taken place.

Following is a list of workshops which have taken place since that meeting and include the reports which were generated by each workshop. Some of the workshops were the results of suggestions made during that AGU/ASLO meeting. Other workshops resulted from topics identified later as part of the process of data synthesis and integration which has become a dominant activity during Phase IV of the Program.

It was agreed at the San Antonio meeting that those and subsequent workshops will be announced via the Program web site and will be open to all U.S. GLOBEC Georges Bank Study investigators. The leaders should also invite investigators they believe will be particularly helpful in the discussions. The Program Service Office will provide some funding for organizational and travel costs of the workshops.

  1. Broad-scale data coordination Goal: To lay the groundwork for integration among all Broad-scale data sets, including distribution and abundance of target species and physical oceanographic analyses, and between Broad-scale and Process oriented data. The compilation of the data sets will allow selection of topics for later focus. The eventual goal will be to integrate all these data into models. Leaders: D. Mountain, M. Sieracki, T. Durbin Time: July 19 - 20, 2000 Site: Carriage House, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution ( follow directions to WHOI's Quissett Campus) Report: Available.
    Also, follow on meeting minutes are available entitled Broad Scale Proposal Gridding Discussion - June 9, 2004

  2. Cross-frontal exchange Goal: To integrate data from the major field experiments examining the tidal mixing fronts on the northern flank (including drifter and dye studies) and southern flank (moorings), with a focus on 1999 data sets. Leaders: K. Wishner, J. Ledwell, R. Houghton Time: October 10 - 12, 2000 Site: Holiday Inn, Falmouth, MA

    Note: This meeting is combined with the Scotian Shelf Cross-overs workshop Report: Available

  3. Data Visualization Goal:To discuss the needs of the GLOBEC/JGOFS community for data visualization and how best to meet those needs. Leaders: R. Groman, P. Wiebe Time: December 21, 2000 Site: Smith Conference Room, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution Report:Draft Available

  4. A Kriging Workshop Goal: To explore the theoretical foundation of kriging with presentations by experts (A. Solow and others) and provide opportunity for hands-on exploration using individual data sets. Leaders: C. Ashjian J. Ledwell, D. Chu Report: Available

  5. Scotian Shelf Cross-overs Goal: To conduct a census of crossover events 1995 - 1999, to focus on the 1999 field year, and to determine their impacts on the biological and physical dynamics on the Bank. First meeting will integrate physical data (which are available now) and whatever biological data are available by the time of the meeting. Leaders: P. Smith, D. Townsend, D. Mountain Time: October 10 - 12, 2000 Site: Holiday Inn, Falmouth, MA

    Note: This meeting is combined with the Cross-frontal Exchange workshop Report: Available
  6. Slope Water Interaction Goal: Integrate various types of data (VPR, SeaSoar, remote sensing, moored array, drifters) that examine Georges Bank - slope water interactions, especially across the shelf-break front, using data collected during 1995 - 1999. The sea surface temperature records for these years may allow identification of critical periods for focused study. Leaders: Carin Ashjian, Bob Beardsley, Craig Lee Time: August 23 - 25, 2000 Site: Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution
    • Wednesday, August 23 - Clark 507
    • Thursday, August 24 - Clark 507
    • Friday, August 25 - Clark Fuglister (if necessary)
    Report: Available
  7. Trans-Atlantic Studies of Shelf Ecosystem Responses to Climate Variability and Change Goal: To consider the impact of climatic variability on decadal scales, especially the NAO, on the biological and physical dynamics of the Georges Bank ecosystem. Leaders: C. Greene, C. Hannah Report: Available
  8. Vital rates Goal: To work toward integration of the vital rates measurements into the population dynamics and biological/physical modeling efforts. Leaders: D. Gifford, D. McGillicuddy, C. Werner Time: April 24-25, 2000 Site: J Erik Jonsson Woods Hole Center Report: In preparation
  9. Target Species Goal: Ultimate Goal: To identify research areas where GLOBEC results suggest a new conceptual model of biological processes in the Georges Bank/Gulf of Maine region and to develop a plan for testing these hypotheses.
    Specific Goals: To provide updates on population dynamics modeling, spatial distributions and on egg production, growth and mortality data.
    To identify important events or problem areas that need attention.
    To identify what data must be shared among groups to further the understanding of the target species.
    To compare patterns of variability in target species with one another and with other important species.
    Leader: C. Johnson Time: January 19-21, 2005 Site: Three Chimneys Inn, Durham, NH. Report: Available

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