U.S. GLOBEC Georges Bank Phase IV
Open Meeting Agenda

Day one: Monday, April 9, 2001, Clark 507

 0900: Phase IV AO reviewed and the purpose of the meeting articulated (P. Wiebe)

 0930: Workshop Reports/Status of current synthesis efforts.

  1. Broad-scale (D. Mountain).
  2. Slope Water/shelf interactions (C. Lee and C. Ashjian).
  3. Cross-frontal exchange (K. Wishner and B. Houghton).
  4. Vital rates
  5. Scotian Shelf cross-overs to Georges Bank (P. Smith and J. Bisagni)

 1200-1300: Lunch (Clark 5)

 1300: Synthesis Theme Talks.

  1. Chronology - Physics and Biology (D. Mountain and T. Durbin)
  2. Upstream influence on the Gulf of Maine and Georges Bank (P. Smith and D. Townsend)
  3. Interannual variability on Georges Bank (tying long term changes to the GLOBEC study on the Bank focusing on variation in time and space)
  4. Improved dynamical understanding - A model development critique (beyond NPZ).
  5. Integration and calibration of various biological and physical data collection systems.
  6. Models as a synthesizing tool
    A. Dynamical model development/calibration (C. Chen and K. Brink)
    B. Biological model development (C. Chen; Werner et al.)
    C. Data assimilation - hindcasting/forecasting (C. Naimie and C. Hannah) [Contrast weather/climate analogy]
  7. SI's to step forward with their own synthesis areas - ones they already have a group formed to address or ones they want to see a group form around.

 1600: Organize into breakout groups. Work in evening after dinner.

 1700: Reception (Carriage House, WHOI)

 1800: Dinner (Carriage House, WHOI)

Day two: Tuesday, April 10, 2001, Clark 507 in AM; Carriage House, WHOI in PM

 0830: Reports of breakout group status.

 0900-1200: Continued work in breakout groups.

 1200-1300: Lunch (Carriage House, WHOI)

 1300: Final reports of breakout groups.

The Implementation Plan is now available on-line.

While the U.S. GLOBEC Georges Bank Phase IV Announcement of Opportunity has considerable detail about the goals and objectives of the synthesis effort, the ultimate synthesis goal is to explain the dynamics of the target species during the GLOBEC years of study on Georges Bank and to relate this to patterns of distribution and abundance both in the past and in the future.

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