U.S. GLOBEC Georges Bank Phase 4 Announcements

The official version of the Announcement of Opportunity for the U.S. GLOBAL OCEAN ECOSYSTEMS DYNAMICS PROGRAM, Northwest Atlantic Field Studies, Phase 4 is available on-line. It is available from the Coastal Ocean Program web site at:

A text version is also available from the U.S. GLOBEC Georges Bank office at URL http://globec.whoi.edu/globec-dir/phase4doc/AO.html.

An open meeting of all interested principal investigators who plan to respond to this AO will be held Arpil 9 - 10, 2001 at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution. The invitation for this meeting is available at URL http://globec.whoi.edu/globec-dir/phase4doc/invitation.html.

The Phase IV implementation plan is available on-line.

Last modified: May 25, 2001