U.S. GLOBEC Georges Bank Phase IV Projects

No basin-scale or climate-based proposals were funded. Another competition for those synthesis themes will be opened in the future. [Update: see Phase IV-B project list.]

  1. Robert Beardsley (WHOI), Ken Brink (WHOI), Dick Limeburner (WHOI), Jim Churchill (WHOI), Jim Ledwell (WHOI), Changsheng Chen (UMassD), James J. Bisagni (UMassD), Charles Flagg (BNL), Peter Smith (BIO), Ron Schlitz (NEFSC), Jim Lerczak (WHOI)

  2. Peter Franks (SIO), James Pringle (UNH), Changsheng Chen (UMassD), Jeff Runge (UNH), Ted Durbin (URI), Wendy Gentleman (UW)

  3. Dian Gifford (URI), James J. Bisagni (UMassD), J.S. Collie (URI), E.G. Durbin (URI), Michael Fogarty (NEFSC), Jason Link (NMFS), Larry Madin (WHOI), David Mountain (NMFS), Debbie Palka (NMFS), Michael E. Sieracki (BLOS), John Steele (WHOI), B.K. Sullivan (URI)

  4. Robert W. Houghton (LDEO), Dave Townsend (UME), Changsheng Chen (UMassD), R. Gregory Lough (NEFSC), Lew Incze (BLOS)

  5. Peter Wiebe (WHOI), Carin Ashjian (WHOI), Larry Madin (WHOI), Dennis McGillicuddy (WHOI), Dave Mountain (NMFS), J.R. Green (NMFS), Peter Berrien (NMFS), S.M. Bollens (SFSU), Dave Townsend (UMaine), Ted Durbin (URI), Bob Campbell (URI), Barbara Sullivan (URI), Ann Bucklin (UNH), Jeff Runge (UNH).

  6. Peter Wiebe (WHOI) and Robert Groman (WHOI)

Last modified: December 5, 2005