U.S. GLOBEC Georges Bank Phase IV-B Projects

  1. C. Greene (Cornel), Pershing, Monger, D. Mountain (NEFSC), Hakkinen
    Marine Ecosystem Responses to Climate-Associated Remote Forcing from the Labrador Sea

  2. F. Werner (UNC), R. G. Lough (NEFSC), T. Durbin (URI), D. Mountain (NEFSC), M. Fogarty (NEFSC), L. Buckley (NEFSC)
    Factors determining early-life-stage survival and recruitment variability in N. Atlantic cod: a comparison bewteen NW Atlantic and Norwegian Sea Systems

  3. J. Runge (UNH), A. Leising (NMFS)
    Effects of climate variability on Calanus dormancy patterns and population dynamics in the Northwest Atlantic

  4. A. Gangopadhyay (UMassD), H. Batchelder (OSU), D. Gifford (URI), J. Bisagni (UMassD)
    Impacts of Climate and Basin-Scale Variability on Seeding and Production of Calanus finmarchicus in the Gulf of Maine/Georges Bank Region

  5. C. Davis (WHOI), R. Beardsley (WHOI), C. Chen (UMassD), R. Ji (WHOI), T. Durbin (URI), D. Townsend (UMaine), J. Runge (UNH), C. Flagg (SUNY-SB)
    Processes Controlling Abundance of Dominant Copepod Species on Georges Bank: Local Dynamics and Large-Scale Forcing

Last modified: July 28, 2006