Slope Water Interaction Workshop

Place: Clark 507, WHOI
Dates: 23-24 August, 2000
Start time: 9:00am (coffee available 8:30am)

Co-conveners: Carin Ashjian, Bob Beardsley, Craig Lee

Workshop Goals

  1. Identify the various data (1995-1999) available to study interactions between Slope and Bank waters, including exchanges across the shelf-slope front, Gulf Stream Ring interactions and intrusions of Scotian Shelf water.

  2. Find ways to integrate available data- how can we combine the various observations to produce a comprehensive picture of the relevant processes?

  3. One product of this workshop should be concrete collaborations between investigators, including specific analysis plans and, perhaps, outlines or drafts of papers.


Day 1
  1. Intro remarks (short)

  2. Short presentation by each investigator- 5 minute time limit - research interests - data - a key result or thought-provoking figure

  3. Form into working groups based on information gathered in (2) - each group to have a facilitator and/or note taker

Day 2

  1. Short Progress Reports from Working Groups - reshuffle groups as needed

  2. End workshop with longer summaries from each group - compile written summary of workshop results - contributions from each group - list of collaborations end expected results


Please come prepared with the following:

  1. A short (5 minute maximum) presentation as outlined in Day 1, above.

  2. Hardcopy charts indicating the times and locations for which you have data.

  3. Postscript files of the charts in (2) above, and anything else you would like to have included in a technical report summarizing the meeting results.

  4. Data, analysis tools, etc. for working with other investigators in the breakout groups.

Misc. Issues

  1. Included separately is a list of workshop participants, current as of 8 Aug. 2000. Please take a quick look at this and let us know if there's anyone we've missed. Also, please feel free to use this list to contact like-minded people to initiate collaborations and set up plans prior to the workshop.

  2. Please let Craig Lee ( know if you need a computer video projector or other special presentation equipment.

  3. We hope to have network connections available in the meeting room, but are not yet certain this will happen.

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