Sample .remoteobjects file

The following is a sample .remoteobjects file. This file is required if you intend to make your data visible on the Internet via the JGOFS software. This file is NOT necessary if the data will be accessed via the the central site directory. For more information see Instructions for adding data.

A sample .remoteobjects file follows:

- Dave Greenberg 
- Georges Bank bathymetry data triplets
- Charles Flagg 
- Georges Bank bathymetry from ADCP data
- R.  Limeburner 
- Drifter data (WHOI and other sources)
- Ted Durbin 
- Preliminary biological counts
- Test hydrographic data

To view the entries in a .remoteobjects file, enter the URL


    where "" refers to the internet name for your computer that is running the httpd server and JGOFS software; and "jg/dir" should be typed as shown and provides access to the directory and object listing software. Data objects will appear one per line with the first entry being the object name as defined in the objects file. The second entry (of the three line set) is the name of the contributor. The third entry is a brief desciption of the object. This third entry will also be a link to additonal text, if you have created it. See Instructions for adding data for more information about this feature.

    It is important that the formating for this file be carefully followed. In particular, the minus sign followed by a space must be the first two characters of the second and third entry for each object specified.