U.S. GLOBEC Georges Bank
Scientific Investigators' Meeting

July 21 - 23, 1997
Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution
Woods Hole, MA

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The Scientific Investigators' Meeting will take place Monday, July 21, 1997 through Wednesday, July 23, 1999 in Woods Hole, Massachusetts. This meeting is an opportunity to

For this meeting, the first morning and early afternoon will be dedicated to synthesis talks in five topic areas. One of the "heros" identified for each topic area, will summarize and synthesize results from all who have some results in that area. The remaining time will be devoted to 15 minute talks, poster session and plenary discussion sessions.

The purpose of the individual talks, poster session, and discussion sessions is to allow investigators to present results not included in the synthesis talks or to amplify or provide additional information on points made in the first day's sessions. The meeting will be a good opportunity to lay the ground work and make the connections for integrated papers to be presented at ICES in September and AGU/ASLO next winter, and to begin the process of developing the next volume(s) of papers.

The list of synthesis topics are:

  1. Interannual variability in physical fields: Primary intent is to focus on year-to-year variability during our 3 years of sampling, but it also relates to decadal or longer term variability. The presentation should make some reference to source-retention-loss, if possible. Heros: P. Smith, D. Mountain, R. Limeburner.
  2. Interannual variability in biological fields: This primarily deals with distribution and abundance of target species, predators, and prey. Heros: T. Durbin, L. Madin, S. Gallager.
  3. Stratification - PO/Biology: Heros: R. Beardsley, G. Lough, C. Davis, D. Gifford.
  4. Intrusions: This refers to both Scotian Shelf cross over events and to the intrusions of Slope Water along the southern flank of the Bank. Heros: J. Manning, J. Irish, K. Ashjian, J. Sibunka.
  5. Coupled physical/biological modeling: Heros: D. Lynch, C. Miller, D. McGillicuddy, C. Werner.

The intent will be for the "heros" to put together a summary talk on the topic, incorporating results from all investigators whose work relates to the topic. For this to succeed, there needs to be a dual responsibility for both the heros to contact the various investigators who might have something to contribute and for investigators who have something to contact the hero. The lead hero to contact for each area is identified by italics and/or underlined.

Individual investigators with results that go beyond what can be covered in the summary talks are encouraged to make an oral and/or poster presentation. The posters are not intended to be full, formal posters - but small, informal posters, with a few figures - pointing out some interesting or unusual results/observations, to promote discussion and interaction with other investigators. Posters will be limited to 24 inches wide by 36 inches high. If you want to make your own oral or poster presentation, please provide the synthesis topic leader with a title, author list, and abstract for a talk or poster prefably by Friday, June 27th.

Investigators who want to make a presentation or have a poster that does not fit within the above topic areas should communicate with Bob Groman, who together with Peter Wiebe, will handle these requests.

Since time will be limited, some split between oral and poster will have to be made. For all presentations (including poster sessions) a half-page abstract is requested and due at the start of the meeting - to help everyone know what is being presented and for the meeting report. The July 7th EXCO meeting will work on putting together the final agenda for the meeting, so please get your input to the session leaders right away.


The agenda is available on-line at http://globec.whoi.edu/globec-dir/agenda_SI1997.html.


A block of rooms have been set aside for out of town attendees at the Sands of Time (Woods Hole Road, Woods Hole, 508-548-6300) and Quality Inn (291 Jones Rd, Falmouth, 508-540-2000). If you require accommodations you must contact one of these hotels before June 27th to insure a reservation. Mention the GLOBEC meeting when making your reservation. The summer is a busy time of the year on Cape Cod, and a reservation is essential.

Lunches and Dinners

Lunches and dinners will be provided for those who wish to partake. The cost will be:

Lunch $9.00 per day
$27.00 for all three days
Monday dinner $19.50
Tuesday buffet $17.50
Total for all 3 days $64.00

If you have any special dietary requests, please let us know when you register. Payment can be made in advance or at the door (payable to WHOI).

Directions to WHOI

Directions to Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution are available on-line at URL http://www.whoi.edu/info/where-is.html. The meeting will take place at the Quissett campus, Clark Laboratory, 5th floor conference room.

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