Titles for SI 1997 Meeting Posters

The agenda for this meeting is also available on-line.

Numbers in parentheses after the author list refer to poster panels located in the Clark 5 alcove. Each panel has space for three posters per side. Please use the poster number corresponding to the number in parenthesis. "Table x" refers to tables located in Clark 509. There is space for your posters above the tables. Most panels are cork and can accommodate push pins, except for the forth panel (posters #19-21). This is a velcro panel.
  • Carol Alessi and Bob Beardsley - (#1)
    Warm-core ring trajectories during 1995

  • Bob Beardsley and Russ Burgett - (#22)
    Turbulence Measurements During 1995 on the Sourthern Flank

  • Peter Berrien, John Sebunka, and Wally Morse - (#24)
    Broad Scale Ichthyoplankton Distirubtions

  • Jim Bisagni - (#2)
    Model Estimates of Interannual Stratification Variability on Southern Georges Bank, 1985-1992 and 1995

  • Bob Campbell, Melissa Wagner, G. Teegarden, C. Boudreau, and Ted Durbin - (#3)
    Growth and development rates of Calanus finmarchicus in the laboratory

  • Changsheng Chen, Peter J. S. Franks, and Robert Beardsley - (Table D)
    Plankton Production over Georges Bank: A 3-D Coupled Physical-Biological Modeling Study

  • Ted Durbin, Peter Garrahan, and Maria Casas - (#4)
    Abundance and Distribution of Zooplankton on Georges Bank During 1995 and 1996

  • Charlie Flagg and Julio Candela - (#5)
    GLOBEC ADCP Data Collection on Georges Bank

  • Scott M. Gallager, Philip Alatalo and Jeff Van Keuren - (#7)
    The Microzooplankton Prey Field of Larval Cod on Georges Bank: Results From 1995 and Glimpses from 1997

  • Peter Garrahan - (Table B)
    Copepods Online: Accessing Information through the GLOBEC Zooplankton Database, URI-GSO

  • Wendy Gentleman et al. - (#8)
    Modeling In-Situ Population Dynamics of Calanus finmarchicus

  • John Green and Antonie Chute - (#23)
    Vertical Distribution of Eggs in the March 1997 Scotian Shelf Water Intrusion

  • Bob Groman - (Table A)
    Some Attributes of the Data Management System, Release 1.5

  • Erich Horgan, Erica Estrada, Heather Macrellis, Steven Boyd, Shannon McGrath, Larry Madin, Stephen Bollens - (#13)
    Preliminary results using a Calanus finmarchicus antibody probe

  • James D. Irish, and William J. Williams - (#9)
    Hurricane Edouard

  • James D. Irish, Peter H. Wiebe, Bob Beardsley and William J. Williams - (#10)
    Internal Solitary Waves on the Southern Flank of Georges Bank

  • Craig M. Lee and Kenneth H. Brink -
    Retention and Loss Processes- SeaSoar Surveys of Intrusions on the Southern Flank of Georges Bank

  • Dan Lynch, Chris Naimie and Charles Hannah - (#11)
    Circulation Hindcasting: A

  • Dan Lynch, Chris Naimie and Charles Hannah - (#12)
    Circulation Hindcasting: B

  • Tim Mavor - (Table C)
    Tidal Variability of SST Frontal Locations on Georges Bank, 1986-1989

  • Dennis McGillicuddy, Daniel Lynch, Peter Wiebe, Jeff Runge, Wendy Gentleman and Cabell Davis - (#14)
    Evaluating the Synopticity of the U.S. GLOBEC Georges Bank Broad-scale Sampling Pattern With Observational System Simulation Experiments

  • Charles Miller - (Table E)
    The Red Cap of Calanus, An International Bestseller

  • David Mountain and Maureen Taylor - (#16)
    Interannual Variability in Water Properties and Fluorescence in Georges Bank - Some Relationship?

  • Fred Page et al. - (#17)
    Cod and Haddock Spawning on Georges Bank in Relation to Water Residence Times

  • Barbara Sullivan, Jason Williams, Donna Van Keuren, Greg Lough and Jim Manning - (#18)
    Abundance and Distribution of Planktonic Hydroids with Respect to Larval Fish and Hydrographic Features on Georges Bank

  • Melissa Wagner, Bob Campbell and Ted Durbin - #19)
    Nucleic acids in Calanus finmarchicus: relationships with food density, temperature, and growth rates

  • William J. Williams, James D. Irish Robert C. Beardsley, Peter C. Smith, James Manning, Steve Lentz, Carol Alessi and Ken Brink - (#20)
    GLOBEC Moored Data Set

  • Karen Wishner - (#21)
    Detrainment Feature on the South Flank (May 1997): Role in Zooplankton Loss from Georges Bank and Associations of Plankton with Bio-optic Features of the Water Column

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