U.S. GLOBEC Georges Bank
Scientific Investigators' Workshop
September 8 - 16, 1998
University of New Hampshire
New England Center

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The U.S. GLOBEC Georges Bank Scientific Investigators' Workshop is scheduled for September 8 - 16, 1998 at the New England Center of the University of New Hampshire. This is the same place that the 1996 Data Workshop was held. It will be an intensive, nine day, data and synthesis workshop and is intended to foster both disciplinary and interdisciplinary exchanges among investigators. Please bring your computer (network connections will be made available) and any data, reports, draft manuscripts, and other material that are not already on-line.

The cost of the workshop for Scientific Investigators will be approximately $920 (eight nights lodging, double occupancy, and all meals at UNH/NEC). We are looking into a subsidized rate, to encourage all U.S. GLOBEC Georges Bank Scientific Investigators to stay for the entire time. The costs per day are $114.46 per day (double occupancy) and $158.12 per day, single occupancy, including all meals and breaks. (Additional "commuter options" also exist for those people not staying overnight.) Travel costs will be your responsibility, so please make your own travel plans. If a Scientific Investigator attends for the entire time, then we may be able to offer an additional subsidy for a student, subject to available funds.

The University of New Hampshire is located in Durham, New Hampshire. Directions to the New England Conference Center are available.

Workshop Goals


An agenda will be prepared by the U.S. GLOBEC Georges Bank Executive Committee (EXCO) at its next meeting. Please send in your suggestions for the Data Workshop structure/agenda.

For your information, the 1996 Scientific Investigators' Workshop agenda was structured to have disciplinary group meetings for the morning sessions and interdisciplinary group meetings for the afternoon. During days 2 to 4, talks were given which were intended to "set the stage" for the synthesis work to be accomplished during and after the workshop. These talks were focused on the modeling context for doing the population dynamics of the target species and the data required to initialize the models and verify model results, on the broad-scale patterns of distributional abundance of the target species, and on the vital rates of these species.

This structure was quite flexible and subject to modification by the working groups and investigators during the course of the workshop. To what extent do you want to see a similar structure developed for this workshop?


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Last updated: September 3, 1998