Appendix I

Monday Tuesday Wednesday
0800 Continental breakfast Continental breakfast Continental breakfast
0830 D. Sameoto
D. Mountain
D. Brickman
A. Bucklin
L. Madin
A. Sell
D. Townsend
Discussion #2: Leader: B. Beardsley. Rapporteur: J. Bisagni

Hot topics working groups
and Phase IV AO

0900 Opening remarks (15min)
D. Townsend (30min)
P. Smith
J. Bisagni
1015 Break Break Break
1030 T. Mavor
D. Gifford [2 min.]
J. Barth
L. Incze
R. Houghton
Poster Session
Group B [A-I]
Discussion #3: Leader: L. Incze. Rapporteur: P. Smith

Possible LTER and
measurement requirements

1200 Lunch Lunch Lunch
1300 D. Lynch
C. Naimie
C. Werner
D. McGillicuddy

Poster Session
Group A [J-Z]
(follows talks)

Discussion #1: Leader: C. Miller. Rapporteur: J. Runge

Program's current status and next steps

Break out groups
1500 Break Break Break
1515 D. Gifford
K. Wishner
C. Hannah
R. Schlitz
C. Chen
R. Campbell
J. Green
B. C. Monger
D. Chu
Break out groups
1700 Break
1800 Reception
1830 Dinner
1900 Dinner
Evening talk
(S. Murawski)
Break out groups