Software Information

The Event logging program allows for easy entry of the events of the cruise such as when stations start and end, and information about what occurred during a station or underway. For example there would be entries for each ctd station. It runs on a PC/Windows using the QuatroPro (QP) spreadsheet program. I don't know if a QP version exists for the Mac. If it does, then I assume the macro would run there as well. The advantages of the program are that data entry is simplified because there are built in menu picks for many standard values; automatic generation of event numbers; ability to add missed information and automatic sorting into the correct position in the log; ability to handle either local or GMT times, and some amount of data verification. Also, it simplifies the task of adding the data to the GLOBEC database since cruises will share a common file format for the event log data.

The Atsee Matlab macro (program) allows for plotting of station information and can be used for cruise track planning. It includes a background plot of the 60m and 100m isobaths as well as other information. We envision this program allowing people to produce basic plots of the cruise for inclusion in the cruise report. But because of the flexibility of Matlab it can be used for many other purposes. A version of Matlab running on any platform will run the necessary "m" files.

We're making these available to help the chief scientists on U.S. GLOBEC Georges Bank cruises, but if you want to accomplish the tasks in your own way, that's okay.

See also GLOBEC Software Tools

Last modified: December 16, 1997