Working Groups and Science Reports

The Scientific Investigators' Data Workshop was loosely structured to encourage and enable the highest level of structured and ad hoc interactions among the participants as possible. Several topic areas were anticipated, such as broad-scale cruises, modeling and population dynamics and these and other groups were formed based on the participant's interests. In addition, investigators were encouraged to present preliminary and final results to plenary sessions. These sessions were scheduled on as-needed basis, typically one or two days ahead of time.

The following working group and science reports are available from the workshop:

  1. Carin Ashjian: Realtime VPR - Source, Retention, and loss data
  2. Dezung Chu: Kriging Software for Matlab 5.2, a demonstration
  3. Charlie Flagg: Georges Bank Tides from Shipboard ADCP
  4. Scott Gallager: First-Feeding Cod Larvae Live for Microzooplankton
  5. Charles Hannah: Discussion of Regional Decadal Scale Hydrography Changes in North Atlantic and the Biological Response
  6. Lew Incze: Report on zooplankton vertical distributions in a changing turbulence field: Measurements during GLOBEC Cruise SJ9508
  7. Dan Lynch: Shipboard Modeling and Observations Briefing
  8. Larry Madin: Population Dynamics and Predation Working Group
  9. Tim Mavor: Seasonal variability of sea surface temperature fronts on Georges Bank
  10. Andy Pershing: Evidence for Vertical Circulation Cells in the Well-mixed Area of Georges Bank and their Biological Implications
  11. Cisco Werner: A review of the Third ICES/GLOBEC Backward-Facing Workshop, Ocean Climate of the NW Atlantic during the 1960s and 70s and Consequences for Gadoid Populations