Titles and Abstracts of Presentations

These were the individual talks presented at the 1999 Scientific Investigators' Meeting.

The agenda and list of posters for this meeting are also available on-line.

  1. J. Barth, D. Hebert and D. Ullman
    Three-dimensional hydrographic and velocity structure and isopycnal float trajectories in the vicinity of fronts on George Bank

  2. J. Bisagni, K. Seemann and T. Mavor
    High-resolution satellite-derived sea surface temperature variability over the Gulf of Maine and Georges Bank region

  3. D. Brickman and K. T. Frank
    Early life stage modeling of Browns Bank haddock: 1983-85 the FEP years

  4. A. Bucklin and D.J. McGillicuddy
    Maintenance of Pseudocalanus spp. on Georges Bank

  5. R. Campbell, E. Durbin, and J. Runge
    Growth of Calanus finmarchicus on Georges Bank

  6. C. Chen, Q. Xu, R. C. Beardsley, P. S. J. Franks, and R. Schlitz
    Modeling studies of the cross-frontal water exchange over Georges Bank: A 3-D lagrangian experiment

  7. D. Chu
    EasyKrig 2.0 -- A convenient tool for geostatistics [20 min requested]

  8. K. G. Foote
    Toward a marine census of the Gulf of Maine and Georges Bank ecosystem

  9. D. J. Gifford and M. E. Sieracki
    Growth of Calanus finmarchicus nauplii in source and on-Bank waters of Georges Bank

  10. J. Green, S. Brownell, R. Jones and A. Chute
    Age and growth of larval cod and haddock from the '95 and '96 broad-scale program

  11. C.G. Hannah, J.W. Loder, B. Petrie, J.A. Shore, E.A. Gonzalez and S. Oakey
    Retrospective decadal and interannual hydrographic and circulation cariability in the Scotia-Maine region

  12. R. W. Houghton
    On-bank flow in the bottom mixed layer across the tidal front on Georges Bank: observations from a dye tracer release

  13. L. S. Incze, F. E. Werner, N. Wolff and F. Dye
    Direct and indirect effects of wind-induced turbulence on larval cod feeding: results of a 1-D model for Georges Bank

  14. D. Lynch
    Overview of a real-time forecast system for Georges Bank

  15. L. P. Madin, E. F. Horgan, H. Franklin, S. M. Bollens, and B. K. Sullivan
    [Towards] estimates of broad-scale predation mortality

  16. T. Mavor and J. Bisagni
    Seasonal variability of sea surface temperature fronts on Georges Bank [Schedule for Monday only

  17. D. McGillicuddy
    Real time forecasting and biological data assimilation on Georges Bank

  18. B. C. Monger
    Interannual variability of SeaWiFS-derived chlorophyll in the northeast shelf region

  19. D. Mountain, P. Berrien, S. Brownell, J. Green, D. Johnson, R. Jones and J. Sibunka
    Georges Bank Cod (Gadus morhua) egg and larval abundance and mortality rates during 1995 and 1996

  20. C. Naimie and C. Flagg
    Real-time data processing and inversion procedure

  21. D. Sameoto
    Changes in phytoplankton color index and selected calanoid copepods in continuous plankton recorder data from the Scotian Shelf

  22. R. Schlitz and K. Smith
    Early results from an array across the tidally mixed front on southern Georges Bank

  23. A. Sell, L. Madin, D. van Keuren, J. Austin and B. Sullivan
    Predation by omnivorous copepods on the offspring of Calanus and Pseudocalanus

  24. P. C. Smith, J. A. Shore, C. G. Hannah, D. Lawrence, J. W. Loder, D. J. Lawrence, and R. Limeburner
    Scotian Shelf cross-overs during winter/spring 1999

  25. D. W. Townsend
    Winter-to-summer phytoplankton and nutrients on Georges Bank: 1999 results

  26. C. Werner
    Results April: physics + far-field forecast products

  27. K. Wishner, D. Outram, B. Sullivan, P. Donaghay, C. Gelfman, D. Van Keuren, and J. Sullivan
    Impact of Biological and Physical Processes during the Mesoscale Transport of Zooplankton, especially Calanus finmarchicus, around Georges Bank: GLOBEC Phase II Results