U.S. GLOBEC Georges Bank
Scientific Investigators' Meeting

November 8 - 10, 1999
National Academy of Sciences
Woods Hole, MA

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The Scientific Investigators' Meeting will take place Monday, November 8, 1999 through Wednesday, November 10, 1999 at the National Academy of Sciences facility in Woods Hole, Massachusetts. This meeting is an opportunity to

For this meeting, there are three activity areas or PI groups into which individual talks will be organized:

  1. Source/Retention/Loss & Cross Frontal Exchange
    1. Satellite oceanography
    2. Vital rates group (zoo, fish) in context of source water vs. Bank water
    3. Northern flank and southern flank exchange & recirculation
    4. Overview of 1999 field studies, including assimilative real time modeling experience
  2. Regional to Bank-scale Studies
    1. Seasonal and Interannual changes on the Bank during the program
      • Hydrography
      • Currents
      • Zooplankton
      • Ichthyoplankton
      • Nutrients/phytoplankton
      • Met
      • Acoustics
      • Modeling - hindcasting and coupling of physics and bio
    2. Larger scale exchanges involving the Slope Water, Scotian Shelf and the Gulf of Maine regions, including coupling of global and coastal circulation and bio models.

  3. Stratification (Posters only)

    Note: The items above address the presentation of results by individuals and/or groups of PI's. Given this structure, scientific investigataors need to specify which topic area they would like to make a presentation in and send in their title and "authors" in the course of registering for the meeting. Modeling results would be included where appropriate in the listed topic areas.

    The three items below address discussion topics to be addressed at the meeting:

  4. Discussion of (1) the current status of achieving the overall program goals of understanding population dynamics of four target species and (2) the next steps needed to reach a fundamental new understanding. (Discussion topic #1). Leader: C. Miller. Rapporteur: J. Runge.

  5. Creation of working groups for particular "Hot Topics" and development of Phase IV AO. (Discussion topic #2) Leader: B. Beardsley. Rapporteur: J. Bisagni.

  6. Discussion group on a possible LTER and what's required in way of measurements to keep an assimilative ecosystem/information system model of Gulf of Maine/Georges Bank going. (Discussion topic #3) Leader: L. Incze. Rapporteur: P. Smith:
    1. Kinds of measurements
    2. Number/location of measurements
    3. Timing of measurements
    4. Operational home and structure for the work

Individual investigators are encouraged to present their detailed results via a poster presentation. The posters are not intended to be formal posters - but informal posters, with figures - pointing out interesting or unusual results/observations, to promote discussion and interaction with other investigators. Posters will be limited in size. Each poster board area is 4' x 4' square, with foam backing, so please plan accordingly. The poster boards will be located on the first floor of the Hackerman House.

For all presentations (including poster sessions) a half-page abstract is requested and due prior to the start of the meeting - to help everyone know what is being presented and for the meeting report.

Please register by September 15, and include your talk and/or poster title, in the registration form, so that we can prepare a more comprehensive agenda for the meeting.


The agenda is available on-line at http://globec.whoi.edu/globec-dir/siworkshop1999_agenda.html and will be updated as additional people register.


A block of rooms has been set aside for out of town attendees at the Sands of Time (Woods Hole Road, Woods Hole, 508-548-6300, $75/night) and the Holiday Inn (291 Jones Rd, Falmouth, 508-540-2000, $50/night). If you require accommodations you must contact one of these hotels before October 11, 1999 to insure a reservation at the conference rate. Mention the GLOBEC meeting when making your reservation.

Conference Fee, and Lunches and Dinners

There will be a $75.00 "conference" fee to offset the costs of the facilities charges.

Lunches and dinners will be provided for those who wish to partake. The cost will be:

Lunch $10.00 per day
$30.00 for all three days
Monday dinner/buffet $19.00
Tuesday dinner/buffet $19.00
Meal total for all 3 days $68.00

If you have any special dietary requests, please let us know when you register. Payment can be made in advance or at the door (payable to WHOI). Checks, cash and credit cards (Visa and Master Card) are acceptable.

Directions to J. Erik Jonsson Woods Hole Center

The meeting will take place at the Carriage House, J. Erik Jonsson Woods Hole Center of the National Academy of Sciences, 314 Quissett Avenue, Woods Hole, MA.

Directions to J. Erik Jonsson Woods Hole Center are available on-line at URL http://globec.whoi.edu/globec-dir/directions_j_erik_jonsson_WHC_NAS.html.

Message Board

There will be a message board located on the first floor of the Hackerman House. If people need to contact attendees by phone, call 508-548-3760. These messages will also be posted on the message Board.

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