U.S. GLOBEC Georges Bank
Scientific Investigators' Meeting


July 21 - 23, 1997
Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution
Clark Laboratory, Quissett Campus

July 21, 1997
Location: Clark 5 Conference Room
0800 Coffee/fruit/pastries
0815 Welcome and introductions
0830 Summary Talk: Peter Smith - Interannual Variability of Boundary Fluxes and Water Mass Properties in the Gulf of Maine/Georges Bank System During GLOBEC
0915 Discussion
0930 Summary Talk: Ted Durbin - Abundance and Distribution of Zooplankton on Georges Bank During 1995 and 1996
1015 Discussion
1030 Break
1050 Summary Talk:
[a] Bob Beardsley - Stratification Summary Talk: Physical Oceanographic Results
[b] Jeff Runge - Stratification Summary Talk: Biological Results
1140 Discussion
1200 Lunch
Location: outside Clark 5 Conference Room
1330 Summary Talk: Jim Manning - Intrusions of Scotian Shelf Water and Slope Water on to Georges Bank and Some of the Biological Consequences
1415 Discussion
1430 Summary Talk: Dan Lynch - Coupled physical/biological modeling
1515 Break
1535 1. Discussion
2. Presentations by other GLOBEC programs
---- John Loder - Canadian GLOBEC and Retrospective Studies (20 minutes)
1630 Ari W. Epstein - Georges Bank: A New, Highly Interactive Exhibit at the New England Aquarium
1700 Reception and dinner
Location: Carriage House
2000 Reserved if extra time needed
July 22, 1997
Location: Clark 5 Conference Room
0800 Coffee/fruit/pastries
0815 Messages and updates

Individual investigator talks
0830 Jim Bisagni - Model Estimates of Interannual Stratification Variability on Southern Georges Bank, 1985-1992 and 1995
0845 Tim Mavor - Tidal Variability of SST Frontal Locations on Georges Bank, 1986-1989
0900 Sandra Werner and Bob Beardsley - Effects of Stratification on the Tidal Boundary Layer
0915 Christopher Naimie - Optimal Estimation for Hydrographic Data Assimilation
0930 Bob Houghton and Rick Fairbanks - Water Sources for Georges Bank
0945 Andy Solow - Changes in the Composition of the Zooplankton in the North West Atlantic
1000 Hidekatsu Yamazaki - Japan GLOBEC
1005 Break
1025 Poster Session (Clark 507 alcove and Clark 509)
1205 Lunch
Location: outside Clark 5 Conference Room
1330 Poster Session (continued)
1530 Plenary Session:
 - Focused discussion on synthesis papers
 - Southeast Bering Sea Carrying Capacity (SEBSCC) (Ric Brodeur and Ned Cokelet, 20 minutes)
 - Presentations (ICES, ASLO/AGU)
1700 Discussion TBD
1800 Dinner
Location: Carriage House
2000 Phase III discussion &
other GLOBEC programs
July 23, 1997
Location: Clark 5 Conference Room
0800 Coffee/fruit/pastries
0815 Messages and updates

Individual investigator talks (continued)
0830 Dick Limeburner - Sources and Sinks of Water to Georges Bank During 1997
0845 Karen Wishner - Studies of a Detrainment Feature on the South Flank (May 1997): Role in Zooplankton Loss from Georges Bank and Associations of Plankton with Bio-optic Features of the Water Column
0900 Mohamed Iskandarani - Coupled Modeling of the North Atlantic / Gulf of Maine System
0915 John Loder - Decadal-scale Hydrographic and Circulation Variability in the Scotia-Maine Region
0930 Larry Buckley et al. - Variability in Growth and Starvation Mortality of Larval Cod and Haddock on Georges Bank
0945 Francisco Werner et al. - Recent Developments in Larval Fish Trophodynamic Modeling
1000 Break
1020 Mike Fogarty, Rodney Rountree and William Michaels - NOAA Coastal Ocean Program Predation Studies on Georges Bank
1035 Jeff Runge et al. - Spatial and Temporal Variation in Egg Production of Calanus finmarchicus on Georges Bank: Implications for the Productivity of Prey of Cod and Haddock Larvae
1050 Larry Madin et al.- Estimated Predation on Target Species by Invertebrate Predators
1105 Dennis McGillicuddy et al. - An Adjoint Data Assimilation Approach to the Estimation of Pseudocalanus Population Dynamics
1120 Ann Bucklin - Distribution and relative abundance of the copepods Pseudocalanus moultoni and P. newmani on Georges Bank based on molecular identification of sibling species
1135 Glenn Flierl et al.- Individual-based Perspectives on Grouping
1150 Peter Wiebe - High Frequency Volume Backscattering on Georges Bank During Late Spring/Early Summer of 1994, 1995, and 1996
1205 Lunch
Location: outside Clark 5 Conference Room

This agenda is subject to change and your futher suggestions for improvement are welcome.

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Last modified: October 3, 1997