U.S. GLOBEC Georges Bank Phase 3 Projects

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  1. Robert Beardsely (WHOI) and Richard Limeburner (WHOI)
  2. James J. Bisagni (UMass/Dartmouth)
  3. Ken Brink, James Irish, Robert Beardsley, Richard Limeburner (WHOI)
  4. Ann Bucklin (UNH) and Dennis J. McGillicuddy (WHOI)
  5. Ted Durbin (URI)
  6. Richard G. Fairbanks (LDEO) and Robert W. Houghton (LDEO)
  7. Peter Franks (SIO) and Changsheng Chen (UGa)
  8. Dian J. Gifford (URI) and Michael E. Sieracki (Bigelow)
  9. Dave Hebert (URI) and Jack Barth (OSU)
  10. Robert W. Houghton (LDEO)
  11. James R Ledwell (WHOI) and Cabell S Davis (WHOI)
  12. Greg Lough (NMFS), Larry Buckley (URI), Lew Incze (Bigelow) and Dave Townsend (UMe)
  13. Daniel R. Lynch (Dartmouth), Francisco E. Werner (UNC), Dennis J. McGillicuddy (WHOI), and R. Gregory Lough (NMFS)
  14. Larry P. Madin (WHOI), Barbara K. Sullivan (URI), and Steve M. Bollens (SFSU)
  15. Charlie B. Miller (OSU)
  16. David Mountain (NMFS) and Jeff Townsend (UMe)
  17. Mark D. Ohman (Scripps) and Ted Durbin (URI)
  18. Ron Schlitz (NMFS) and Changsheng Chen (UGa)
  19. David W Townsend (Ume) and Radtke (Uhi)
  20. Francisco Werner(UNC)
  21. Peter Wiebe (WHOI) and Robert Groman (WHOI)
  22. Peter Wiebe (WHOI) and Timothy Stanton (WHOI)
  23. Karen Wishner (URI)

    Last modified: April 6, 1999