U.S. GLOBEC Georges Bank
Phase 2 Projects

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Last updated: September 24, 1996

  1. Robert Beardsley, Steve Lentz, Robert Weller, Jim Churchill (WHOI)
  2. James J. Bisagni (NOAA/NMFS) & Peter Cornillon (URI/GSO)

  3. Kenneth H. Brink, James D. Irish, Robert C. Beardsley and Richard Limeburner (WHOI)
  4. Ann Bucklin (UNH)
  5. Julio Candela (WHOI), Charles Flagg (BNL), and Dick Payne (WHOI)
  6. Alessandra Conversi (SUNY at Stony Brook), Ken Sherman (NMFS), Sultan Hameed (SUNY at Stony Brook)
  7. Cabell S. Davis, Scott M. Gallager, and Carin Ashjian (WHOI)
  8. Cabell Davis (WHOI), Daniel Lynch (Dartmouth), Glenn Flierl (MIT), Dennis McGillicuddy (WHOI)
  9. Edward Durbin (URI)
  10. Edward Durbin (URI), Jeff Runge (DFO), Ropbert Campbell (URI), C. Ashjian (WHOI), M. Ohman (UCSD)
  11. Richard G. Fairbanks (Lamont) and Robert W. Houghton (Lamont)

  12. Peter J.S. Franks (UCSD/Scripps) and Changsheng Chen (Univ. of Georgia)
  13. Scott M. Gallager (WHOI) and Hidekatsu Yamazaki (Japan)
  14. Dian J. Gifford (URI) and Michael E. Sieracki (Bigelow)
  15. Charles H. Greene (Cornell), Mark C. Benfield (LSU), Peter H. Wiebe (WHOI)
  16. Dale Haidvogel (Rutgers), Daniel Lynch (Dartmouth), Mohamed Iskandarani (Rutgers)
  17. R. Patrick Hassett (Ohio Univ.) {with subcontract to Pamela Blades-Eckelbarger}
  18. Dave Hebert (URI) and Neil Oakey (BIO/DFO)
  19. R. Gregory Lough (NMFS), James Manning (NMFS), Larry Buckley (NMFS), E. Caldarone (NMFS), L. Incze (Bigelow)
  20. Dan Lynch (Dartmouth), Francisco Werner (Univ. of North Carolina), James Loder (BIO), Michael Sinclair (DFO), Greg Lough (NMFS), Ian Perry (DFO), Fred Page (BIO/DFO), David Greenberg (BIO), PPeter Smith (BIO), Christopher Naimie (Dartmouth), Charles Hannah (BIO), Carol Meise (NMFS)
  21. Laurence P. Madin (WHOI) and Stephen M. Bollens (WHOI)
  22. David Mountain (NMFS), Wallace Morse (NMFS), John Green (NMFS), Peter Berrien (NMFS) and David Townsend (University of Maine)
  23. Ron Schlitz, Mark Berman (NMFS), Kenneth H. Brink (WHOI), Craig M. Lee (WHOI)
  24. Ron Schlitz (NMFS), James Manning (NMFS)
  25. Andrew R. Solow (WHOI) and Stephen M. Bollens (WHOI)
  26. Barbara K. Sullivan (URI) and Grace Klein-MacPhee (URI)
  27. Peter Wiebe (WHOI), Timothy Stanton (WHOI), Ray Schmitt (WHOI) and Charles Greene (Cornell)

  28. Peter Wiebe (WHOI) and Robert Groman (WHOI)

  29. Karen Wishner (URI) and Percy Donaghay (URI)