Cross-Frontal Exchange and Scotian Shelf Cross-over Workshops

10-12 October, 2000

Holiday Inn, Falmouth, Massachusetts



Cross-Frontal Exchange

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Scotian Shelf Cross-over

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Tow-yow Observation of the Front

How do we define a front?

Robert Houghton (LDEO)

The following figure shows the Scanfish CTD display used during the dye cruise to define the location of the tidal front. The top panel is the Scanfish depth. The latitude at which vertical gradients cease is the on-bank side of the front. One could also use the location of maximum horizontal gradient to define the front. Both occur at about the same location. The temperature of this point varied from 7.5 to 8.0 C and showed no systematic seasonal shift during the May 20-31 interval of the dye experiment.

Figure [2]. Cross-bank sections on the south flank of Georges Bank from a CTD mounted on an undulating Scanfish (top) depth, (middle) temperature, and (bottom) salinity. On-bank direction is to the right.